HYMNS and miscellaneous RESPONSORIES

Ave Maria (hymn or motet)
- Part of the text is the Offertory appointed for IV Advent, Immaculate Conception, and other Marian feasts.  Music completely original.  Original tune, written in two keys for SATB, solo, with or without congregation, with optional string quartet.  Now part of Psalm 151.

Christians, lo! the star appeareth (hymn)
- Text based on the recurring We have seen his star passage, set to an original tune.  Ideal for use on the Epiphany!
Christus vincit (responsory)
- Latin text, verses from Psalm 92 (Psalm 93 in modern versions).

God gave to us not a spirit of fear (responsory)
- The words of my Bishop ("Strong, Loving, Wise" is on his coat of arms), coupled with the John Walker hymn, O God of Glory, God of Love, set to original music.
God of mercy, God of grace (hymn)
- 19th century text based on Psalm 67; original tune, Mercy and Grace, and descant.

Hear us, O shepherd Lord of Israel (hymn)
- Original text based on Psalm 80; tune: Old 124th, with original descant.
How Joyful My Expressing (hymn)
- Original text based on Psalm 122; tune: Ellacombe, in two versions: standard harmony, and an original concertato arrangement which includes two trumpets.

Laetentur caeli (responsory)
- Antiphon text from the Offertory appointed for the Midnight Mass of Christmas.  Verses are from the Latin Vulgate Bible, Psalm 95 (Psalm 96 in modern versions).  Antiphon music adapted from the tune In der ist Freude ("In thee is gladness").  Completely in Latin.
Lord, I lift my soul to thee (hymn)
- Text from The Psalter of 1912, based on Psalm 25.  Tune completely original.  Now part of the forthcoming Christus Vincit Gradual.
Lord, you have greatly blessed your land (hymn)
- text from unknown source based on Psalm 85; original tune based on Gregorian Benedixisti, Domine, from the Liber Usualis.  Now part of the forthcoming Christus Vincit Gradual.
Lucis Creator Optime (hymn)
- Vesper hymn of St. Gregory the Great; original SATB tune with descant and faux-bourdon.

O that I could for ever dwell (hymn)
- 19th century text based on Psalm 27; original tune based on Gregorian Unam Petii.
Out of Sion his beauty shines (responsory)
- Based on the Gradual for II Advent and Psalm 50, set to an original tune based on the Gregorian Ex Sion Species.

Puer Natus in Bethlehem (hymn)
- Mode I chant hymn, with text in Latin.  Two versions: simple organ accompaniment, and SATB anthem, both arrangements original.

The Lord Almighty Reigns (hymn)
- Text, based on Psalm 93, taken from The Psalter, 1912; original tune based on Gregorian Dominus Regnavit.
To us a Child of hope is born (hymn)
- Text based on the Introit for the Mass during the Day at Christmas; original tune, based on the chant melody of the same Introit as pointed in the Liber Usualis.

Verbum Supernum Prodiens (hymn)
- Beloved St. Thomas Aquinas text (which includes the O Salutaris Hostia), set to an original tune based in part on the chant In Splendoribus Sanctorum.