Friday, July 24, 2015


A couple of hymns I uploaded ("O That I Could for Ever Dwell" and "God of Mercy, God of Grace"), were texts written in the 19th century set to music by yours truly.

For this little twist, I used the classic tune Old 124th (best known with the hymn "Turn Back, O Man, Forswear Thy Foolish Ways") and added a Psalm 80-based text of my own to fit this 16th century tune.  As an added bonus, I even threw in a descant (in fact, feel free to write in the descant with "Turn Back, O Man", so now you can have it for Lent also)!

The fourth line of each verse is repeated.  Some may ask, "Why not use the shorter tune Toulon and lose the repeat?"  Toulon is nice, too, but sorry, I'm partial to Old 124th.  In Toulon, I feel that something is missing --- yeah, that middle line.

Definitely an Advent hymn, as there are propers from the Graduale (I think the Christmas Vigil might have something, too, if I remember correctly) and a Responsorial Psalm from the Lectionary that use selected verses of Psalm 80 (Psalm 79 in the Latin Vulgate).

SATB hymn with descant

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