Friday, July 24, 2015


A Latin responsory based on Psalm 93 (Latin Vulgate Psalm 92).  Written in the fall of 1999, this responsory made its debut at Communion (following the proper) at the Extraordinary Form of Holy Mass for Christ the King at Holy Name of Jesus Church in Providence, Rhode Island, where I served happily from 1999-2003.

This setting of Christus Vincit has a mellower, more mystical flavor.  The antiphon is in the G Lydian mode (signature is key of D, but the tonic is the fourth of the D major scale, G).  We switch over to the key of E major for the verses using the G chord, then the first-inversion D (F-sharp in the bass) as a passing chord, then to the E chord.  OK, so I gave that away.  But the return to the G Lydian takes a rather interesting Peloquin-esque approach that you will have to just see for yourself.

PDF: Christus Vincit  - SATB, Congregation, Chanter(s), Organ

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