Friday, July 24, 2015


The Latin Vesper hymn of Pope St. Gregory the Great, wedded to an original hymn tune.  My first intent was to name the tune Hymn 2000, but later felt that might have been too "high tech", or maybe to "science fiction", or something like that.  Plus, GIA Publications would need a #2000 for some hymn in the future at the pace they keep updating their hymnals (Gather Super-Duper Comprehensive, Umpteenth to the Umpteenth Power Edition).  So I went with the more generic title, Hymn of Light.

The tune I wrote comes in two forms in one .pdf.  On the first page is the standard SATB harmony with a descant for the final verse, while the second page contains a faux-bourdon harmony (melody is in the tenor).

SATB hymn with descant and faux-bourdon

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