Wednesday, June 28, 2023


The text based on Psalm 85 and written by an unknown author.  The tune is short and sweet, short enough where the seven verses of text won't feel like a marathon.  The tune is one of those rarities that end in the V chord, and the last note of the melody is the fifth of that V chord (for those not so well versed in music theory, the tune is in the key of D, but it ends in the A chord, and the melody ends with an E note).  This kind of ending also takes place in a little-known tune by the late C. Alexander Peloquin, titled "Creative Love".  If you have a Worship II hymnal handy, it's at #257, with the Fred Kaan hymn text, Surrounded by a World of Need.
This tune, like the one I wrote for O that I Could for Ever Dwell, is based on a Gregorian melody from the Liber Usualis, in this case, the Offertory Benedixisti, Domine from III Advent.
(UPDATE VI-28-23: Now part of the partially-completed Christus Vincit Gradual.

SATB hymn

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