Tuesday, December 12, 2023


Newly addedd to the Christus Vincit Gradual!  Text is from Psalm 30 and taken from The Psalter of 1912.  Written in G minor with Lent in mind, as this also serves as the proper Offertory for Ash Wednesday, this tune (New Thirtieth) is my first original hymn tune in several years and my first ever which scans the poetic meter 66 66 88 (or 66 66 448), which means the 1912 text could be also sung to tunes such as Darwall's 148th, Laus Regis, and Little Cornard.

When playing this back, I felt like I just added a new potential entry to The Hymnal 1940 (albeit its final update was back in 1981).

PDF - Lord, I Will Praise Thy Name
SATB hymn

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