Friday, November 10, 2017


(XI-10-17, Memorial of St. Leo the Great) New Additions to Psalm 151:

I am now in the process of adding (per suggestions from some) Graduals - yes, the Graduale Romanum alternative to the Responsorial Psalm.  Well, in all actuality, the Responsorial Psalm is really the alternative to the Gradual.  I am also adding Graduale Romanum versicles to the Alleluias and Gospel Acclamations.  And speaking of Gospel Acclamations, I'll be adding Tracts during Lent and Passiontide as well.  Oh, and let's not forget "First and Second Alleluias" during Paschaltide.

These will give the musician the option of using the Roman Missal or the Graduale Romanum as the text source of the "intervening chants".

The CVM Liturgical Calendar is being updated accordingly, as is the Scriptural Index.  These are both on the sidebar as well (remember, in this website, the sidebar is your best friend!).

This is a work in progress that I am weaving in between my job as a church music director/organist, as well as family life (including enjoying our year-and-a-half-old grandson).