Friday, May 27, 2022


CVG = Christus Vincit Gradual
P151 = Psalm 151

- My eyes are turned (CVG: C-301; P151: 13-a)
- I will give you a new Spirit (CVG: C-302; P151: 13-b)
Responsorial Psalm
- A: If today you hear his voice (CVG: C-303; P151: 13-c)
- B: Lord, you have the words (CVG: C-304; P151: 13-d)
- C: The Lord is kind (CVG: C-305; P151: 13-e)
Gospel Acclamation
- A: Lord, you are truly the Savior of the world (CVG: C-306; P151: 13-g)
- B: God so loved the world (CVG: C-307; P151: 13-g)
- C: Repent, says the Lord (CVG: C-308; P151: 13-g)
Offertory - The precepts of the Lord (CVG: C-309; P151: 13-i)
- A: He who drinks the water (CVG: C-310; P151: 13-j)
- BC: Blessed are they who dwell (CVG: C-311; P151: 13-k)

Introit - In God I will praise the word (CVG: C-312)
Responsorial Psalm - Athirst is my soul for God (CVG: C-313)
Gospel Acclamation - I hope in the Lord (CVG: C-314)
Offertory - Be attentive to me (CVG: C-315)
Communion - Jacob shall rejoice (CVG: C-316)

Introit - I have called out (CVG: G-2901; P151: 60-a)
Responsorial Psalm - Remember your mercies, O Lord (CVG: C-317)
Gospel Acclamation - Even now (CVG: C-506; P151: 15-f)
Offertory - There is no shame (CVG: G-1307; P151: 44-h)
Communion - Lord, who shall dwell in your tent (CVG: C-318)

Introit - May the thoughts of my heart (CVG: C-319)
Responsorial Psalm - Praise the Lord, Jerusalem (CVG: C-320)
Gospel Acclamation - Your words, Lord (CVG: C-211)
Offertory - Deal with me, O Lord (CVG: C-321)
Communion - Lord, you will show us (CVG: G-3105; P151: 62-i)

Introit - I am the salvation of the people (CVG: G-2501; P151: 56-a)
Responsorial Psalm same as Sunday A, above.  Gospel Acclamation same as Tuesday, above.
- If I walk in the midst of tribulation (CVG: G-2507)
- Your right hand has delivered me (P151: 56-h)
Communion - You have commanded... (CVG: G-2508; P151: 56-i)

Introit - Show me a sign (CVG: C-322)
Responsorial Psalm - I am the Lord your God (CVG: C-323)
Gospel Acclamation same as Sunday C, above.
Offertory - Hearken to the voice of my prayer (CVG: G-706; P151: 38-e)
Communion - I have called out (CVG: C-324)

Introit - Arise, O Lord (CVG: C-325)
Responsorial Psalm - It is mercy I desire (CVG: C-326)
Gospel Acclamation - If today you hear his voice (CVG: C-103; P151: 10-d)
Offertory - Turn to me, O Lord (CVG: G-807; P151: 39-g)
Communion - The Lord of hosts is the King of glory (CVG: C-327)