Friday, May 27, 2022

January 1: MARY, MOTHER OF GOD (Solemnity)

CVG = Christus Vincit Gradual
P151 = Psalm 151

- Hail, Holy Mother (CVG: B-401; P151: 7-a)
- A light will shine (CVG: B-111; P151: 5-l)
Responsorial Psalm - May God bless us (CVG: B-402; P151: 7-c)
Alleluia - In the past, God spoke... (CVG: B-306; P151: 6-f)
Offertory - Blessed are you, O Mary (CVG: B-403; P151: 7-f)
Communion - Exult, O daughter of Sion (CVG: B-115; P151: 5-p)