Friday, May 27, 2022


CVG = Christus Vincit Gradual
P151 = Psalm 151

Introit - Rejoice, O Jerusalem (CVG: C-401; P151: 14-a)
Responsorial Psalm
- A: The Lord is my shepherd (CVG: C-402; P151: 14-b)
- B: Let my tongue be silenced (CVG: C-403; P151: 14-c)
- C: Taste and see (CVG: C-404; P151: 14-d)
Gospel Acclamation
- A: I am the light of the world (CVG: C-405; P151: 14-f)
- B: God so loved the world (CVG: C-307; P151: 13-g)
- C: I shall get up (CVG: C-406; P151: 14-f)
- AB: Praise the Lord for he is loving (CVG: C-407; P151: 14-h)
- C: Enlighten my eyes (CVG: C-408; P151: 14-i)
- A: I began to see (CVG: C-409; P151: 14-j)
- B: Jerusalem, built as a city (CVG: C-410; P151: 14-k)
- C: Rejoice, for he who was dead... (CVG: C-411; P151: 14-l)

Introit - I have hoped in the Lord (CVG: C-412)
Responsorial Psalm - I will praise you, Lord (CVG: E-105; P151: 20-g)
Gospel Acclamation - Seek good and not evil (CVG: C-110)
Offertory - Let all the earth cry out (CVG: G-104)
Communion - Cleanse me, O Lord (CVG: C-413)

Introit - All who are thirsty (CVG: G-1801; P151: 49-a)
Responsorial Psalm - The Lord of hosts is with us (CVG: C-414)
Gospel Acclamation - A clean heart create for me (CVG: C-132)
- I have waited with expectation (CVG: G-2105)
- The Lord has put a new song into my mouth (P151: 52-g)
Communion - The Lord is my shepherd (CVG: G-3207; P151: 63-i)

Introit - Hear my prayer, O God (CVG: C-415)
Responsorial Psalm - The Lord is gracious (CVG: C-416)
Gospel Acclamation - Your words, Lord (CVG: C-211)
Offertory - O ye nations (CVG: C-417)
Communion - We shall rejoice (CVG: G-207; P151: 33-g)

Introit - Let the hearts of those... (CVG: G-401; P151: 35-a)
Responsorial Psalm - Remember us, O Lord (CVG: C-418)
Gospel Acclamation same as Sunday B, above.
Offertory - Why, O Lord (CVG: G-1808; P151: 49-i)
Communion - O Lord, I will be mindful (CVG: C-419)

Introit - Save me, O God, by your Name (CVG: C-420)
Responsorial Psalm - The Lord is close (CVG: C-421)
Gospel Acclamation - One does not live on bread alone (CVG: C-119; P151: 11-f)
Offertory - Who is God... (CVG: G-1406; P151: 45-g)
Communion - I say unto you (CVG: F-407; P151: 32-j)

Introit - The sorrows of death (CVG: C-422)
Responsorial Psalm - O Lord, my God (CVG: C-423)
Gospel Acclamation - Blessed are they who have kept the word (CVG: C-218)
Offertory - The Lord is my rock (CVG: C-424)
Communion - The Lord is my rock (CVG: C-425)