Friday, May 27, 2022


CVG = Christus Vincit Gradual
P151 = Psalm 151

Introit - When he calls to me (CVG: C-116; P151: 11-a)
Responsorial Psalm
- A: Be merciful, O Lord (CVG: C-102; P151: 10-b)
- B: Your ways, O Lord (CVG: C-117; P151: 11-c)
- C: Be with me, Lord (CVG: C-118; P151: 11-d)
Gospel Acclamation - One does not live on bread alone (CVG: C-119; P151: 11-f)
- Upon his shoulders (CVG: C-120)
- The Lord will hide you (P151: 11-h)
- Upon his shoulders (CVG: C-121)
- The Lord will hide you (P151: 11-i)

Introit - Our eyes are unto the Lord our God (CVG: C-122)
Responsorial Psalm - Your words, Lord (CVG: G-305; P151: 34-e)
Gospel Acclamation - Behold, now is a very acceptable time (CVG: C-123)
Offertory - Open my eyes (CVG: C-124)
Communion - Inherit the kingdom (CVG: G-3407; P151: 65-h)

Introit - From age to age, O Lord (CVG: C-125)
Responsorial Psalm - From all their distress (CVG: C-126)
Gospel Acclamation same as Sunday, above.
Offertory - I have put my trust in you (CVG: B-308; P151: 6-g)
Communion - Have mercy on me, O Lord (CVG: C-127)

Introit - Remember your mercies, O Lord (CVG: C-202; P151: 12-b)
Responsorial Psalm - A heart contrite and humbled (CVG: C-128)
Gospel Acclamation - Even now, says the Lord (CVG: C-506; P151: 15-f)
Offertory - I will meditate (CVG: C-207; P151: 12-i)
Communion - Give ear to my words, O Lord (CVG: C-129)

Introit - Give ear to my words, O Lord (CVG: C-130)
Responsorial Psalm - Lord, on the day I called (CVG: C-131)
Gospel Acclamation - A clean heart create for me (CVG: C-132)
Offertory - Remember me, O Lord (CVG: G-2804; P151: 59-h)
Communion - Ask and you shall receive (CVG: G-133)

Introit - Set me free from my distress (CVG: C-134)
Responsorial Psalm - If you, O Lord, mark iniquities (CVG: C-135)
Gospel Acclamation - Cast away from you... (CVG: C-136)
Offertory - O bless the Lord, my soul (CVG: G-3104; P151: 62-h)
Communion - Let my foes be quickly put to shame (CVG: C-137)

Introit - The law of the Lord (CVG: C-138)
Responsorial Psalm - Blessed are they who follow (CVG: C-139)
Gospel Acclamation same as Monday, above.
Offertory - Let my prayer enter your presence (CVG: C-140)
Communion - O Lord, my God (CVG: C-141)