Friday, May 27, 2022


CVG = Christus Vincit Gradual
P151 = Psalm 151

Introit - Vindicate me, O God (CVG: C-501; P151: 15-a)
Responsorial Psalm
- A: With the Lord there is mercy (CVG: C-502; P151: 15-b)
- B: Create a clean heart (CVG: C-503; P151: 15-c)
- C: The Lord has done great things (CVG: A-204; P151: 2-d)
Gospel Acclamation
- A: I am the resurrection (CVG: C-504; P151: 15-f)
- B: Whoever serves me (CVG: C-505; P151: 15-f)
- C: Even now, says the Lord (CVG: C-506; P151: 15-f)
Offertory- I will praise you, O Lord (CVG: C-507; P151: 15-h)
- A: Out he came (CVG: C-508; P151: 15-i)
- B: Any man who serves me (CVG: C-509; P151: 15-j)
- C: I condemn you not (CVG: C-510; P151: 15-k)

Introit - Have mercy on me, O Lord (CVG: C-511)
Responsorial Psalm - Though I walk in the valley of darkness (CVG: C-512)
Gospel Acclamation - I take no pleasure... (CVG: C-114)
Offertory - Guide my footsteps, O Lord (CVG: G-3205; P151: 63-g)
Communion - The bread that I will give (CVG: G-1905; P151: 50-i)
If the Gospel about the adulterous woman (Sunday C) is read, then Communion is same as Sunday C, above.

Introit - Wait for the Lord with courage (CVG: C-513)
Responsorial Psalm - O Lord, hear my prayer (CVG: C-514)
Gospel Acclamation - The seed is the Word of God (CVG: C-515)
Offertory - Let all who know your Name (CVG: G-908; P151: 40-h)
Communion - Redeem me, O God of Israel (CVG: C-516)

Introit - You saved me from my enemies (CVG: C-517)
Responsorial Psalm - Blessed the people (CVG: E-803)
Gospel Acclamation - Blessed are they who have kept the word (CVG: C-218)
Offertory - Deliver me (CVG: C-518)
Communion - I will wash my hands (CVG: C-519)

Introit - Deal with us in your abundant mercy (CVG: G-2602; P151: 57-b)
Responsorial Psalm - The Lord remembers his covenant (CVG: C-520)
Gospel Acclamation - If today you hear his voice (CVG: C-103; P151: 10-d)
Offertory - By the waters of Babylon (CVG: G-2605; P151: 57-i)
Communion - Be mindful of your word (CVG: G-2606; P151: 57-j)

Introit - Have mercy on me, O Lord (CVG: C-521)
Responsorial Psalm - In my distress (CVG: C-522)
Gospel Acclamation - Your words, Lord (CVG: C-211)
Offertory - Blessed are you, O Lord (CVG: C-523)
Communion - Do not leave me to the will of my enemies (CVG: C-524)

Introit - Be not far from me (CVG: C-525)
Responsorial Psalm - The Lord will guard us (CVG: C-526)
Gospel Acclamation - Cast away from you... (CVG: C-136)
Offertory - Lord, grant me life (CVG: G-3004; P151: 61-h)
Communion - Your law is my meditation (CVG: G-2805; P151: 59-i)