Sunday, April 26, 2020



Introit: The Lord is the strength
Responsorial Psalm:
- Year A: Lord, in your great love
- Year B: Give thanks to the Lord; his love
- Year C: My soul is thirsting
Alleluia "Pange Lingua" - Set and versicles as follows:
- Year A: Set II, versicle 9
- Year B: Set I, versicle 6
- Year C: Set II, versicle 10
Offertory: Render my footsteps
- Year A: What I tell you
- Year B: I will sing
- Year C: Take up your cross


Introit: same as Sunday
Responsorial Psalm:
- Monday, Year I: Blessed the people
- Monday, Year II: Help us with your right hand
- Tuesday, Year I: He who does justice
- Tuesday, Year II: God upholds his city
- Wednesday, Year I: The Lord remembers
- Wednesday, Year II: Teach me the way
- Thursday, Year I: Give thanks to the Lord for he is good
- Thursday, Year II: For the glory
- Friday, Year I: See how the Lord blesses
- Friday, Year II: Let my tongue be silenced
- Saturday, Year I: The Lord has remembered
- Saturday, Year II: Lord, forget not
- Monday: "Adoremus in Aeternum" - Set I, versicle 2
- Tuesday: Ordinary Time I - Set II, versicle 11
- Wednesday: "Christus Vincit" - coming soon!
- Thursday: "Adoremus in Aeternum" - Set I, versicle 5
- Friday and Saturday: Ordinary Time I - Set II, versicle 10
Offertory: same as Sunday
Communion: same as Sunday, Year B