Sunday, April 26, 2020

Liturgical Index: TENTH WEEK OF THE YEAR


- Years A and C: The Lord is my light
- Year B: If you, O Lord, mark iniquities
Responsorial Psalm:
- Year A: To the upright
- Year B: With the Lord
- Year C: I will praise you, Lord
- Year A: Ordinary Time I - Set I, versicle 6
- Year B: "Pange Lingua" - Set I, versicle 5
- Year C: "Pange Lingua" - Set I, versicle 6
Offertory: Enlighten my eyes
- Years A and C: The Lord is my rock
- Year B: Whoever does the will


Introit: same as Sunday, Years A and C
Responsorial Psalm:
- Monday, Year I: Taste and see
- Monday, Year II: Our help is from the Lord
- Tuesday, Year I: Lord, let your face shine on me
- Tuesday, Year II: Lord, let your face shine on us
- Wednesday, Year I: Holy is the Lord
- Wednesday, Year II: Keep me safe
- Thursday, Year I: The glory of the Lord
- Thursday, Year II: It is right to praise you
- Friday, Year I: To you, Lord
- Friday, Year II: I long to see your face
- Saturday, Year I: The Lord is kind
- Saturday, Year II: You are my inheritance
- Monday: Ordinary Time I - Set I, versicle 8
- Tuesday: "Pange Lingua" - Set I, versicle 7
- Wednesday: "Pange Lingua" - Set I, versicle 8
- Thursday: "Adoremus in Aeternum" - Set II, versicle 9
- Friday: "Adoremus in Aeternum" - Set II, versicle 11
- Saturday: Ordinary Time I - Set II, versicle 13
Offertory: same as Sunday
Communion: same as Sunday, Years A and C, except:
- Monday: Remember, Lord, thy servants