Friday, April 24, 2020

Liturgical Index: FIRST WEEK OF ADVENT

Introit: Unto you
Responsorial Psalm:
- Year A: Let us go rejoicing
- Year B: Lord, make us turn
- Year C: To you, O Lord
Alleluia "Conditor Alme" - Set I, versicle 1
Offertory: To you, O Lord
Communion: The Lord will bestow

Introit: same as Sunday, except:
- Friday: The Lord is my light
Responsorial Psalm:
- Monday same as Sunday, Year A
- Tuesday: Justice shall flourish
- Wednesday: I shall live
- Thursday: Blessed is he
- Friday: The Lord is my light
- Saturday: Blessed are all
Alleluia "Conditor Alme" - Set I, versicles as follows:
- Monday: versicle 2
- Tuesday and Friday: versicle 3
- Wednesday: versicle 4
- Thursday: versicle 5
- Saturday: versicle 6
Offertory: same as Sunday
Communion: same as Sunday, except:
- Wednesday: They ate