Sunday, April 26, 2020

Liturgical Index: FIFTH WEEK OF EASTER


Introit: Sing to the Lord
Responsorial Psalm:
- Year A: Lord, let your mercy be on us
- Year B: I will praise you, Lord
- Year C: I will praise your Name
Alleluia "O Filii et Filiae" - Set IV, versicles as follows:
- Year A: Set V, versicle 18
- Year B: Set VI, versicle 20
- Year C: Set VI, versicle 21
Parts for 2 Trumpets (B-flat), Trombone or Horn (F), and Timpani
Offertory: Shout with joy
- Year A: I am in the Father
- Years B and C: I am the true vine


Introit: same as Sunday, except:
- Wednesday: My mouth shall be filled with praise
Responsorial Psalm:
- Monday: Not to us, O Lord
- Tuesday: Your friends make known
- Wednesday: Let us go rejoicing
- Thursday: Proclaim his marvelous deeds
- Friday: I will give you thanks
- Saturday: Let all the earth cry out
Alleluia "O Filii et Filiae" - Sets and versicles as follows:
- Monday: Set VI, versicle 22
- Tuesday: Set VI, versicle 23
- Wednesday: Set VI,  versicle 20
- Thursday: Set V, versicle 15
- Friday: Set VI, versicle 24
- Saturday: Set III, versicle 3
Parts for 2 Trumpets (B-flat), Trombone or Horn (F), and Timpani
Offertory: same as Sunday
Communion: Same as Sunday, Years B and C, except:
- Monday: The Holy Spirit will teach you
- Tuesday: My peace I give to you
- Friday: I have chosen you