Sunday, April 26, 2020

Liturgical Index: FIFTH WEEK OF THE YEAR


Introit: Come, let us worship God
Responsorial Psalm:
- Year A: The just man
- Year B: Praise the Lord
- Year C: In the sight of the angels
Alleluia: Ordinary Time I - Set II, versicles as follows:
- Year A: versicle 11
- Year B: versicle 10
- Year C: versicle 12
Offertory: Render my footsteps
- Years A and C: I will enter
- Year B: A power came out


Introit: same as Sunday
Responsorial Psalm:
- Monday, Year I: May the Lord be glad
- Monday, Year II: Lord, go up
- Tuesday: Year I: O Lord, our God
- Tuesday, Year II: How lovely is your dwelling place
- Wednesday, Year I: O bless the Lord
- Wednesday, Year II: The mouth of the just
- Thursday, Year I: Blessed are those who fear the Lord
- Thursday, Year II: Remember us, O Lord (II)
- Friday, Year I: Blessed are those whose sins are forgiven
- Friday, Year II: I am the Lord
- Saturday, Year I: In every age
- Saturday, Year II: Remember us, O Lord (III)
- Monday: Ordinary Time I - Set I, versicle 2
- Tuesday: Ordinary Time I - Set II, versicle 13
- Thursday: Ordinary Time I - Set II, versicle 14
- Saturday: "Pange Lingua" - Set II, , versicle 11
- All others: coming soon
Offertory: same as Sunday
Communion: same as Sunday, Years A and C, except:
- Monday, Year I: same as Sunday B
- Monday, Year II: You shall know