Saturday, November 25, 2017


(XI-25-17, Optional Memorial of St. Catherine of Alexandria)
More Improvements to Psalm 151:

As previously announced, I am adding GRADUALS to the Psalm 151 project.  This, of course, is resulting in the renumbering of each of the propers.  As I write this, up to III Advent is complete.

As I complete each addition, I am also adding PACKETS - complete packets for each Sunday and feast (Introit, Responsorial Psalm, Gradual, Alleluia, Tract, Offertory, Communion, and any other special tidbits unique to certain days).  Again, I'm complete up to III Advent.  You will find these packets in the CVM Liturgical Calendar.

I remind you that the CVM Liturgical Calendar is being updated accordingly, as is the Scriptural Index.  These are both on the sidebar as well.  Remember, in this website, the sidebar is your best friend!