Friday, February 23, 2018


(II-23-18, Optional Memorial of St. Polycarp)
Progress on Improvements to Psalm 151, and projects to follow:

As I type this, the updated Psalm 151 project is complete through Sunday XII of the Year.  The updates include the addition of Graduals and Tracts, as well as Alleluia versicles according to the Graduale Romanum (yes, under the same music as the Alleluia versicles according to the Roman Missal).  I also included the people's response (melody and text) with the score.  As a result, there will be no need for a separate "pew book" for this work.

As I complete each addition, I am also adding PACKETS - complete packets for each Sunday and feast (Introit, Responsorial Psalm, Gradual, Alleluia, Tract, Offertory, Communion, and any other special tidbits unique to certain days).  You will find these packets in the CVM Liturgical Calendar.

Also, please note the re-numbering of each proper.  For example, what was #259 (the Communion for Sunday XII, Year C) is now #43-j.  Each Sunday/Feast now has its own number, and each component of that day a letter.  This will make the job far easier should I wish to finally add a setting of the Corpus Christi sequence.  I would now only have "re-letter" the propers for Corpus Christi from he Alleluia to Communion (five pieces), instead of the entire project (from that point, about 200 pieces).

I remind you that the CVM Liturgical Calendar is being updated accordingly, as is the Scriptural Index.  These are both on the sidebar as well.  Remember, in this website, the sidebar is your best friend!  Please check back OFTEN... VERY OFTEN!

Once Psalm 151 is complete, there will be two new projects.  The first (the lesser tedious of the two) will be Alleluias and Gospel Acclamations, which will include all the versicles of an Alleluia (or Gospel Acclamation) setting in one batch.  The second (the far more tedious of the two) will be dubbed Psalm 152, which will be the weekday edition of Psalm 151.  More details on that later on.